Alicia anisopetala (Ayahuasca Trueno)

Alicia anisopetala (Ayahuasca Trueno)


It is also known as black ayahuasca
It is related to the legendary Banisteriopsis caapi and contains natural beta-carboline harmala alkaloids like those found in caapi vine.
These alkaloids are natural MAO inhibitors.
It is considered to be the most potent of all the various vines containing natural MAOI’s

Some background on Alicia anisopetala and the genus Alicia

The genus Alicia is part of the same family as other ayahuasca vines (Malpighiaceae). At present, there are only two species recognized as belonging to this genus: A. anisopetala and A. macrodisca. Both were formerly considered to be members of the genus Mascagnia, which was essentially a catch-all genus that included anything that didn’t fit nicely into the other related genera (TriopterysTetrapterysHiraea, etc.). It’s unsurprising that when modern genetic analysis was applied, Mascagnia was shown to be polyphyletic, and several of its members were split into new genera. Details on this split can be found in Anderson 2006.

Alicia anisopetala (A. Jussieu in A. St.-Hilaire) W.R. Anderson.

  • =Hiraea anisopetala A.Juss.
  • =Mascagnia anisopetala (A. Juss.) Griseb.
  • =Hiraea macrocarpa Chodat
  • =Mascagnia nobilis C.V. Morton

Alicia macrodisca (Triana & Planchon) W.R. Anderson

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